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I’m here to guide growth-minded entrepreneurs on how to best leverage existing resources to help their business and community thrive. As a Business Strategist, I spare you from losing time, money, and cherished moments with loved ones. Here’s a little about me alongside the top 5 reasons I can help you monetize, optimize and scale your business:

  1. My strategic planning services are not based on theory. I have worked with large international organizations, in both the corporate and nonprofit sector, alongside high-level executives to deliver their strategic vision.  This equips me to provide you with the same knowledge and skills that will place you on their level playing field.

  2. I provide small business owners a unique global perspective. I have lived, studied, volunteered, and worked in 7 countries. This facilitates my ability to scale the business of any growth-minded entrepreneur.

  3. Cultural awareness has shaped my communications and networking skills. This expands my capacity to build a rapport, avoid miscommunication, improve efficiency, empower teams, and become more innovative for you and your business.  In turn, saving you time and money.

  4. Working with constraints has become my area of expertise. As far fetched as it may seem, developing your business with limited resources to deliver big goals is definitely possible. Whether it’s a lack of funding, human capital, or technology, I can easily work with what you have to help you grow your business. 

  5. Access to a strong global network makes me a one-stop-shop. You will no longer have the hassle of having to research or contact multiple vendors, service providers or individuals to sort out your business needs. My contact list allows me to provide you with an array of services that fit your budget. In addition, I facilitate the discovery or assessment sessions with each service or product provider to ensure you get the best results and most value for your money.

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Take a look at my media page to learn how I leveraged my experience and network to turn my passion for philanthropy into an amazing non-profit now dedicated to empowering homeless children in New York City. We don’t need to be billionaires to make an impact in our communities.