MUST have resources to develop your busine.

When I first ventured into entrepreneurship it was as a socialpreneur establishing a nonprofit. I had no clue what it all entailed since I had never been involved with nonprofits beyond a volunteer role.

As you can imagine, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information available. Data overload anyone? I had no idea where to get started. Fortunately, my corporate career taught me that in order to avoid feeling trapped in a fog, without a way out, I had to create a plan and stay organized.

When Dare2B, Inc was still in its infancy, I wanted to avoid out-of-pocket expenses.  I’m really good at learning lessons from others so I sought out people in the industry that I can learn from before getting started. I had observed how the founders of nonprofits invested their hard earned money into a cause. At first, you think it’s admirable that someone would be so committed to a cause devoting his or her time and money. Then, I noticed that their passion started creating a negative impact on their lives. The personal financial constraints combined with their exhaustion from working around the clock had taken a toll on them.  Very much like small business owners that start off excited to see their business come to life. 

I also had to be conscious of my time and overall well-being. I was working full-time at a major corporate company, in a role I LOVED, so being strategic about how I would do things was important. I wanted to make the biggest amount of impact with limited time and resources. Sound familiar?

The truth is that no matter how much you believe in your mission (nonprofit or for-profit), you really cannot pour from an empty cup. So here are a few resources I have discovered along that way that have helped me and/or my clients successfully establish ventures. I hope these resources add as much value to you as it has to us.

I’d love to hear from you! If any of these resources are a game changer for you, please contact me and share your story.

A word about affiliates

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Mentorship and more

Did you know Oprah, Richard Branson, and Bill Gates all had mentors that helped them become the legends you and I know today? Check out this article from The CEO Magazine to be inspired.

Now, not all of us are as fortunate to get a hold of such high-status mentors. However, here are some national and local New York City resources that can help you get some pretty spectacular mentors and an array of services available for FREE.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all The Minority Business Development Agency centers have mentorship available. However, they do have a lot of great resources for small business owners.