Idea Evaluation


You are an entrepreneur with a GREAT idea for a product or service and want to set yourself up for success before taking the plunge. You do not have a lot of time, money, or resources to invest in trying to figure it all out online (google, YouTube, and all the social media platforms). You want to cut through all the noise and create a clear path that delivers results.


I will provide you with specialized skills and insight to determine if your idea is viable before you get invested. We will work together to establish goals that help you reduce risks and align with your existing resources to set your business up for success.

This package includes

  • Business survey
  • One-on-one strategy session – 45 minute call
  • Feedback and tips on your idea
  • Customized checklist to launch your new product or service

How to get started

  1. BOOK – Click “Book Now” to process your payment via PayPal. You’ll automatically receive a payment confirmation from PayPal.
  2. SCHEDULE – Once the payment has been completed please go to my scheduling page to book your session.
  3. COMPLETE AND SUBMIT – An onboarding form/business survey will be e-mailed to you within 1 business day. PLEASE NOTE: I will need a minimum of two days (depending on your industry) to review your submission and prepare for our call. If the onboarding form isn’t sent on time, you will receive a rescheduling request.
  4. GET STARTED – When your onboarding form is received, I’ll review your submission and do the prep work for us to get started. On time for your booked session!