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Existing Clients ONLY

Strategy Execution


You aren’t growing as much or as quickly as you’d like because you are a small business owner doing it all on your own. You are too close to the problem and it’s hard to ask for help when you need it. You either think it’s a sign of weakness; don’t trust anyone to do the work as good as you; remain unsure on how to recruit/manage qualified talent or you simply can’t afford to increase payroll. However, you now realize that time is your most precious commodity. In order to scale your business and meet your established growth goals, you can no longer do it alone.


As your business strategist, I will supplement your staffing needs to equip you with the specialized skills and targeted support your business requires. We will work together to implement a strategy that delivers solutions to a particular business problem, facilitates organizational change or taps into new market opportunities.

This package includes

  • Strategic map
  • Organizational structure
  • Resource allocation
  • Budget alignment
  • Email and phone support to activate your plan
  • Weekly one-on-one strategy sessions
  • Modifying / updating goals and adding new reviews
  • Progress reports

How to get started

This package is for EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY

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